5G stands for the Fifth Generation of wireless technologies and it will be faster than 4G. It has no brain and it is wondered how faster 5G is. The details are a bit sketchy at this point but the speeds are supposed to be 1Gbps up to 20Gbps compare to the 4G standards which are 100Mbps up to 1Gbps.

what is 5g?

Yeah a lot faster. But will those speeds be replaced by something that we will find out around the year 2020?

There is no doubt that 5G will change the smartphone industry in the future. I am fairly confident that the term 5G will be used long before its official release. You will be hearing terms like: “our new 5G network” and “the newest 5G phone is now available” long before true 5G speeds are actually achieved. The 4G rollout is an example.

When 4G was first introduced in the United States, 4G phones were readily available but the network speeds were only the boasted speeds of 4G. In fact, you had a 4G device in your hands but the speeds weren’t even close to the 100Mbps, so 4G didn’t meet the specifications.  It wasn’t until the recent rollout of 4G LTE made the speeds reach close to the true specifications of 4G. Personally, I have never had my device reaching 100Mbps and I have carried out lots of tests about the speed in many locations. It has been close but not quite and this is five years since its introduction.

I have not tried a speed test in a major metropolitan area but would it be interested to see the results? It is easy to find out your wireless network’s speed. Simply, you can go to your app store and download a speed test app. I have tried several times and they all have fairly consistent results.

I am living in a small city in New York, so I am not surprised at the disappointing network speeds that I have to suffer. The carriers put most of their resources where there are many people to serve. That’s just the way it is, though it’s not fair. Here is a screenshot of my test results.

As you can see, my phone says that I have a solid 4G LTE connection with full bars but my download speed is a mere 36.12 Mbps. That is a long way away from the 4G specifications of 100Mbps. Remember that 4G is supposed to be at least 100Mbps and up to 1Gbps. 5G is supposed to be in the range of 1Gbps to 10Gbps. I know I will not see true 4G speeds in this area until 5G is rolled out.

Anyway, let’s come back to what is known about the 5G specifications.