How cloud computing

Cloud computing pertains to the delivery of one or many services powered by computer software and hardware over the Internet or local computer network. For most major service providers, there are a lot of computers configured in a grid to provide the service architecture based in the cloud. The origin of the name cloud comes from the original representation of the Internet with the cloud symbol and in systems diagrams which use a cloud symbol to represent the complex underlying infrastructure.

As services in this domain become more common, a common question that arises among computer users is how does cloud computing work? what’s Cloud Computing? Cloud computing pertains to the concept of sharing software, resources, and info through a network connection like the Internet. End users have the freedom to access info wherever one can obtain a connection to the internet and don’t need to worry about updating service applications with the most recent version to be released. This allows users to edit files like PowerPoint presentations, or documents on cellular devices or tablets without having to install specific software installed on the computer device being used while away from home or the office.

Cloud computing services can either be aimed at consumers, small business, or enterprise use depending upon the nature of the service being provided. What’re the Cloud Computing Services Available to Consumers? There are a variety of services available through cloud computing technology in the market today. Cloud services designed to provide consumer services will typically provide access via a compatible browser or lightweight desktop or mobile application or app. The info saved by the user is saved on the remote servers in the cloud. All cloud computer services rely on sharing resources to help realize economies of scale comparable to an electric grid servicing a community.

Common cloud services provided by industry today are: Application programming interface as a service – Back end as a service – Data as a service – Database as a service – Platform as a Service : Infrastructure as a service – Storage as a service – Software as a service – Network as a service – Security as a service – Test environment as a service – Desktop virtualization – What Are the Benefits of Cloud Computing? Although cloud computing is relatively new, it’s got a several advantages when compared to traditional software acquisition and deployment which range from home use to the enterprise. Accessible Anywhere. When utilizing a cloud computing based service, info can be accessed anyplace in the world that the end user can obtain a connection to the internet. For all those that travel in collaboration with work, this allows employees to do work while away from the office to include the home or on a business trip without having to install the software computers.

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