Cloud computing tutorial

Cloud space is without a doubt one of the biggest slogans of the year. But more than that, cloud storage services. Continue Reading This Article – Enjoy this article as well as all of our content, including E Guides, news, tips and more. Are becoming a popular option for small- to mid-sized businesses, as well as large companies, as an alternative to adding and keeping more storage in house. According to the Spring 2010 Storage magazine\/SearchStorage Purchasing Intentions survey, 14% of respondents said they’re using cloud storage now, with the largest numbers using cloud storage for disaster recovery. But four percent are using it to keep primary data from their data centers, and an equal number are using it for nearline data storage.

But before you take plunge and sign up with a cloud storage service provider, there are several things you need to know. Learn about cloud backup, cloud archiving, cloud disaster recovery, and utilizing the cloud for primary storage. Part of the reason why cloud storage is having a hard time catching on in the data storage realm is because it’s still a fairly new concept. In addition, many users have questions regarding the cost and whether cloud storage is secure. Among the biggest benefits of using cloud storage for SMBs is that many SMBs do not have a large technical staff to handle storage.

Read this article to determine if cloud storage services are a good option for your organization, and learn about the cons and pros of cloud storage. Cloud storage is basically defined as data storage that’s made available as a service through a network. But that definition can be source of confusion because it is so broad and may include many various kinds of companies. You should read service level agreements very cautiously and beware of hidden costs. Cloud storage providers will tell you the basic cost per gigabyte of cloud storage up front to assist you figure out how much it’ll cost you per month depending upon the data amount you need to store.

But these basic costs are only part of the picture, and providers can also charge extra for data transfers, meta data functions, or copying and deleting files. To learn more on moving to cloud storage, read this article on cloud storage best practices. Among the more popular use cases for cloud computing is cloud backup. What should you look for in a cloud backup service? what’re the various types of cloud backup services? Which ones are best for business use? In this tutorial by data backup and recovery guru W. Curtis Preston, learn all you need to know about cloud backup services. Things to be aware of are: privacy and security, bandwidth issues, and data recovery.

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